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Web Design

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XD | Dreamweaver | Photoshop

I started a website project, skillfully created using Adobe Dreamweaver. This platform has been meticulously designed to showcase the breathtaking beauty of Neon Signs in the vibrant city of Chicago and explore the intriguing contrast between day and night.

Through extensive research, I delved into the world of neon signage, discovering an abundance of captivating creations worldwide. Curiosity led me to focus on the particular city of Chicago, aiming to unravel the diverse array of neon signs within its streets. During this exploration, a remarkable realization dawned upon me—neon signs possess a fascinating duality, exhibiting distinct personalities that evolve dramatically between night and day. The striking transformation sparked within me a profound sense of intrigue and captivation.

In response to this intriguing discovery, I embarked on a photographic journey, capturing the essence of neon signs in both daylight and the atmospheric allure of night.

See the actual website directly via the following link:

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