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Cover Design

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Illustrator | Photoshop

I had the privilege of working with Asialab on a special project: designing an album cover for the background music of the captivating drama, "AI HER." Taking on the roles of both photographer and graphic designer, I captured a striking image that would serve as the centerpiece for the album cover. With meticulous editing and thoughtful design, I integrated the provided text seamlessly, ensuring it complemented the overall aesthetic in a cohesive and engaging manner. It was a delightful collaboration, bringing together visual artistry and music to create a captivating album cover that perfectly captures the essence of "AI HER."

I was commissioned by Hucks Music to design an album cover for the song "Your Summer" by Minkyu Lee. I personally took and edited the photograph, crafting the album cover design. The client requested a simple yet vintage aesthetic for the design. To convey this, I chose to include only the text of the song and the artist's name, positioned at a slight tilt. Instead of incorporating additional design elements, I focused on editing the image itself to evoke a vintage vibe.

Listen to the song directly on YouTube via the following link:

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